Adventures of A Midwest Boy

From Kansas City to Milan to New York City: A collection of adventures and lessons learned traveling and experiencing this world. From my experiences with Grad School, Coaching, and working for a Start Up and more. #Travel #AmericanAbroad #ContentMarketing

The Next Chapter: Taking on New York City

It feels like forever since I last sat down with the intention of writing. I have many voice notes, emails, texts, ever notes of things I want to blog, write, talk about but so much has changed it fell off... Continue Reading →

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How I Built A Content Strategy for a Start Up

Building a content strategy has some key components, but make sure you know who and why you are creating the content.

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Lessons in a Start Up: Part 2

As our global economy evolves the landscape of business has changed. The days of 9-5 wearing a suit, clean shaved, and a tie are no more (well some fields still require this). Now we live in a work environment where... Continue Reading →

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5 Lessons Learned from Studying Abroad

Over the last year I have had the unique opportunity to not only attend MIP Graduate School of Business in Milan, but also was able to study for 2 weeks in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. The last year has been a... Continue Reading →

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The Journey So Far…

Currently working for Beast Technologies I have been working hard back in the weight room. At one point in my training life I was training to compete in a powerlifting meet and had worked up to a 420lb Bench, 595lb... Continue Reading →

Product Management and Market Trends

“Innovation” “New” “Creative” “Differentiation” “Disruption” “the Customer Experience” - there are many buzzwords in business and Marketing. But what do they mean? How can they be applied? In a world filled with messages, ads, noise; it is hard for your consumers to hear your message. So how do you stand out? That is always the million dollar question in Marketing.

The Eternal City – La bella Roma

They call it the “Eternal City”, and eternal and magical it is. I had the pleasure of spending 4 days in Rome last weekend and that was not enough time to spend in the city. There is something to be said about spending time in such a dirty city, where people and trash are everywhere, and public transportation is always packed and unreliable. But the city is full of wonders, it was for a long time in the history of the world, the center of civilization. From the moment we arrived you could feel the pulse and buzz of the city. They say that “all roads lead to Rome”, and it is true! In Europe there are over a 1/2 million roads that lead to Rome.

Christmas Market in Munich, Germany

*Everything in Germany was efficient, and always worked the way it was supposed to. It felt like being in a toy land as the buildings looked like they were freshly painted, everything was lined up and uniform, and everything was clean. Definitely a different look and feel from Italy just a hop, skip, and a jump away to the south.

J’adore Paris

Over Christmas my girlfriend Christine and I spend 3 very magical days in Paris. What a vibrant and amazing city. It was a great experience and a Christmas to remember! We decided not to plan too much of our trip to Paris ahead of time, until the night before. We googled things to do, outside of the obvious, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, etc. We also are traveling on a budget, so we try to find things we can do for cheap or free.

American Football in Italy #SeamenMilano Laying it All Out on the Line

Saturday came and went with a flurry of intensity, excitement, and emotion. This was it, Derby Milano part 3, as if 2 regular season Derby's were not enough. The stakes were raised, winner goes to the Super Bowl for the... Continue Reading →

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